Why UIV Chem
We engaged in OLED Material and Fine Chemicals fields about 10 years, we have the capability of supporting all kinds of chemistry projects.
UIV CHEM Introduction
UIV Chem is a future -oriented scientific enterprise, is committed to using the power of science for human to seek sustainable development solutions, "Make Life Better" is her eternal mission. Now, Our excellent products have been serving in many leading companies in the field of OLED display, OLED light, environmental protection, new energy,chemistry, medicine, biology,etc. and leading a lot of industry technological innovation.
Top Experimental Environment
1200M2 1K grade clean room, 1k means only within 1000 particles per cubic meter of 0.5 um and smaller.
Strong R&D
R&D is an important part of UIV Chem’s strategy to carry out research and innovation within key technology areas. The objective of the strategic research activities is to enable long term innovation and business growth in support of the overall strategy of UIV Chem.
Government Concern
We had devoted over 10 years of research and development on OLEDs, We are realizing better quality OLED materials compared to competitors through our many years' research, successful know-how in related businesses, and optimized environment.
OLED industry leader
We’re one of the initiate unit that launching ”OLED industry alliance”thus serving as pioneer of OLED fields.
Our Products
Our excellent products have served the leading enterprises in the fields of biology, medicine, textile, environmental protection, OLED lighting, OLED display,etc., and have led to technical innovation in many field More >>
Product Catalog
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